Automotive OEM


Mackenzie Jones Engineering supports customers with one-off pieces of recruitment as well as project based multiple hires, and can tailor our approach accordingly. We have recently completed a technically challenging, highly confidential piece of work for an Automotive OEM.


Due to a new vehicle development, a team of 6 (made up of Engineers, Buyers and Quality professionals) was required to manage this, to be set up alongside and separate from the existing business. The sensitive nature of the project meant that the recruitment process had to be conducted with the utmost confidentiality. Added to this, the need was urgent. 


So we certainly had our work cut out. Here’s what we did:


  • By immersing ourselves in the client for a day and half and working closely with stakeholders, we were able to build up a real picture of their needs and culture. Crucially, we were also able to build a compelling set of reasons as to why prospective candidates would want to work there.

Planning and transparency:

  • We set out exact timescales and deliverables – the client knew what we would be doing in the background, how we would keep them informed and when they would receive a shortlist. This also set out our process for identifying the best talent and the screening process.

Targeting passive talent:

  • The holy grail when it comes to attracting the best. How to get the attention of people who may not be actively looking and certainly not applying to adverts. By fully understanding the needs and culture of the client we were able to make a compelling case to the best talent out there.

Taking the strain:

  • Once candidates were engaged, we put them through an in-depth interview process that had been pre-agreed with the client – meaning that they arrive with the client at second stage.

Presenting beyond the CV:

  • By knowing the candidates as people, we can present people to the client, not CV’s. This meant that the right people, rather than the right CV’s arrived for interview. This resulted in the client only interviewing a small number of candidates to fill their team.


Team of 6 successfully placed – 3 have started with 3 more working their notice period. 

Mackenzie Jones Engineering took the time to get to know our business, allowing them to become true partners for us at a time of business critical growth.

We were able to outsource most of the process to Mackenzie Jones Engineering which was crucial to us as our team have been so stretched all year.

It has been a real pleasure to work with such a professional group of people.

HR Manager