March 13, 2020

As more businesses move towards holding video interviews in place of face to face meetings, we’re giving away our best video interview advice to support candidates facing stakeholders on screen

Top five video interview tips: Hands clasped together on top of open laptop

It’s common knowledge that video interviews are now a normal part of many recruitment processes. In some instances, candidates may only step foot on site once a job offer has been accepted! However, for those of us who feel more at ease in face to face scenarios and prefer to meet in person, the prospect of interview by video link is a daunting concept. Video interviews are something we coach candidates through almost daily, so we’ve shared our top video interview tips for feeling comfortable on camera and acing your e-meeting!

Familiarise Yourself with the App

Zoom, Blue Jeans, Skype…. There’s a wide range of video calling software on the market now, and each business is likely to have their preferences. When you receive your invite to the meeting, make sure you’re familiar with the platform. For example;

Ensuring you’re able to dive straight into your meeting saves any last minute panic and ensures you can greet them on time and unflustered. It’s also a good idea to make sure your webcam and audio equipment works well ahead of time too.

Get Your Device Up to Speed

Experiencing lag is frustrating on both sides of a video interview, and could distort some of the excellent answers you’ll no doubt be giving. Make sure your internet connection is as fast as possible by removing other devices from the network, and close all unnecessary programmes or tabs on your own device.

Be Picture Perfect

It should be a no-brainer to still dress professionally for a video interview, but to transmit a clear video image you should avoid wearing anything too bright or patterned. Aim for plain clothing that’s unlikely to distort your video, and try to sit against a clean background, ideally with your light source in front of you (for example, facing a window). This will ensure you can be seen clearly and your interviewers can see as high quality an image of you as possible.

Appear Engaged and Dynamic

A large challenge with video interviews is appearing slightly rigid and not being able to connect as easily with your interviewer. It’s near impossible to make eye contact with someone on the other end of a video, and smaller movements may not be picked up as well on screen. To make it clear that you’re engaged and present;

Remove Distractions

You might be at home, but make sure you’re distraction free and can focus solely on your interview! Minimising noise and distractions will keep you in the interview mind set and improve your concentration. To remove distractions;

Video interviews do not need to be any more daunting than a face to face meeting, and following these video interview tips will leave you feeling prepared, confident and collected. The best part of a video interview? Not having to travel home afterwards means immediately being able to make yourself a celebratory brew for a job well done!