February 23, 2023

Recruitment is known for being a roller coaster and in the peak of the more stressful times, how do we as a business support each other and give ourselves the best chance to deliver and support our mental health.

We work remotely 80% of the time here at Mackenzie Jones. Most of us have worked together for a long time from when we were 100% office based pre-covid, so we tend to understand each others work styles. However, for those of us who joined once we’d switched to home-based contracts it is undoubtedly more difficult to understand others in the team and maximise the relationships we are forming all the time, that’s why we made the decision to do ‘Colour Insights’!

Sometimes within a team it can be hard to understand the thinking behind certain decisions or the rationality in decision making, spending an afternoon doing a colour insights session has most definitely helped gain clarity around this. It was an eye opener for sure, but now we know how we can help and support each of our team members within their own conscious (work focused) and less conscious (personal) personas!

Lets break it down..

The colours on a good day:

Colour wheel

The colours on a bad day:

Colour wheel


Lets face it, we all have our good & bad days so having this insight around the behaviours of each colour is already helping us communicate better with our team members.

We’re sure you’re all wondering which of our team are which colours, so we’re going to tell you as this might help you too when working with us in any aspect!

Below are the two most predominant colours in our work-focused personas..
















As you can see, we have a real mix amongst the team, so understanding each others work style is really important for us as well as a huge benefit.

A lot of our clients actually use psychometric/personality testing throughout the interview process as it can help determine management styles & culture fits to a degree!

What have we taken away from it?

A better understanding of ourselves and the team.

An understanding of other people’s communication styles, what their traits are and how we can best communicate to get the best out of them.