November 22, 2021


We all get nervous for interviews, it’s totally natural. That gut wrenching feeling we get before entering an interview room is completely normal, but have you ever thought how the ever person (the person interviewing you) might be feeling? We all enter these scenarios thinking that it’s an Alan Sugar type character who’s going to be interviewing us, but that may not be the case at all. Interviewers can be nervous too sometimes, especially if they’ve not interviewed someone before. We’ve all been there, interviewing someone for the first time, it can be daunting so I thought I’d jot down some ideas on how to help you prepare…

First things first though, it’s important to note that I’m writing this in an undeniably candidate led market. What does that mean? Well….in essence top talent is always in high demand and even more so currently. Marketing and positioning an opportunity effectively as well as moving with pace are key factors in the candidate experience that will influence outcomes. Simple. This is important to understand because it does alter your interview style. Gone are the days where you can sit a candidate down and grill them for an hour. The candidate you’re interviewing is likely to have numerous other processes live and they will assess you and your company as much as you’ll be assessing them. Remember that…

1) Be prepared – Candidates are expected to prepare like crazy before interviews, and rightly so. However, as an interviewer it’s important to prepare accordingly too. What does that mean then?

2) Before the interview:

3) Interview structure – This is VERY subjective, there is no right or wrong way to structure an interview. However, we are in a candidate led market right now so you need to sell, and you need to sell well.

4) After the interview:


Finally, how did you perform? Hopefully this will be the first interview of many, review your own performance. What did you do well? What not so well? A good idea might be to ask your manager or someone senior to you to join you in the interview so they can give you feedback on how you get on. Nerve wracking yes, but that’s how you learn.