October 30, 2019

Ask most FMCG businesses now and I’m sure they’ll all agree that Ecommerce isn’t just the flavour of the month; it’s the flavour of the century.

Such is the growth of the channel that according to Nielsen, 11% of all global FMCG sales by 2030 will come from Ecommerce – which is 8x bigger than its current size!

With this in mind, the demand for candidates with ecommerce expertise has never been higher. As I write this, 8 of the UK’s top 10 largest FMCG organisations are seeking ecommerce talent right now.

So what do you need to do to stay ahead of the curve? Here are our top tips for recruiting ecommerce talent:


1)   Define the role – what are the core responsibilities? Is it a relationship role or an ecommerce marketing role? Both are quite different, finding talent who possess both attributes isn’t easy.

2)   Be open towards background – some of the best ecomms talent come from smaller businesses where they can evidence strong channel growth and a good understanding of ecommerce marketing.

3)   Move quickly – candidates in this space are in high demand and go off the market quickly. Can you do a skype call if booking a face to face is proving tricky?

4)   Sell your business and the role – remember, the interview is a two way process. What is unique about your culture and how do you envisage the role developing? How much emphasis/investment are you putting into ecommerce? If you’re pro-active in running through this with interviewees you’re more likely to get buy-in from them.

5)   Promote from within – Do you have a great relationship builder in your team with some experience of dealing with the .coms? Ecommerce is seen as an exciting channel by most NAM’s, chances are they’d welcome the opportunity to specialize in the area if you were prepared to develop them.


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