About Us

Putting specialist expertise to work. We can draw upon a pool of accumulated experience across Consumer, Supply Chain and Operations, IT and Engineering, working with people who possess a proven track record in these sectors.

Directing organisations to the best solutions, guiding talented professionals to exciting opportunities. Utilising our established networks, making the most of our extensive market knowledge, to provide a level of sector insight and client and candidate perspective simply unavailable anywhere else. 

Our values

Conscientious – we go the extra mile and beyond. At Mackenzie Jones, we don’t believe in shortcuts. Great results stem from hard work, and from putting our heart and soul into everything we do.

Proactive – we make it happen. We help clients and candidates get ahead, by thinking ahead. We are out there in the field seeking opportunities and sowing the seeds for future success.

Collaborative – together, better. For everyone at Mackenzie Jones, getting better is a journey that knows no end. The closer we can work in partnership, then the more insights we have. And the more value we can add.

Integrity – we believe that trust builds trust. We don’t just talk about wanting to be a trusted resourcing partner. It’s an ethos of integrity we commit to every day, on every level, in every way.

Our People

Unique individuals, exceptional solutions. It’s impossible to describe or put a label on a typical Mackenzie Jones person. Let’s just say we know one when we see one.

Our customers and candidates will recognise the distinguishing characteristics, too. The relentless desire to know all there is to know about their sector. An insatiable appetite for adding to their specialist industry knowledge. The way they define success not by short-term transactional wins, but by the development of great long-term relationships.

It’s what makes our people different – and our service.

Our Future

We’re on a mission. Our customers and candidates aren’t the only ones going places. It’s exciting times here at Mackenzie Jones. Using our capability to build enduring relationships by working proactively, conscientiously, collaboratively and with integrity, we have set our sights on becoming the leading recruitment force within the Consumer, Retail, IT and Engineering sectors.

Setting up our very own specialist training ‘academy’ to deliver the unique Mackenzie Jones approach is just one of the many exciting initiatives we’ve undertaken, as we prepare the ground for future growth and success.

Just like our customers, we’re on a journey.

Meet the team


Paul Jones Managing Director
Nikki Blackhurst Director Executive Search
Chris Fletcher Director FMCG and Consumer
Joe Burden Director Engineering
Maurice Nash Director IT
Harriet Jones Finance and Operations Director