Recruitment redefined

At Mackenzie Jones, we do recruitment differently. Developing relationships founded on a bedrock of trust and knowledge, combined with awareness and understanding, to deliver exactly the right recruitment solutions. Whether you’re recruiting new staff or looking for new jobs.

We’re in it for the long haul.

Relationships long on promises and short on duration are not what we’re about. Rather our focus is on building enduring ongoing partnerships, with collaboration and empathy at their heart. Enabling more meaningful conversations, delivering more successful results.

Only the start of the journey.

Placing the right recruit, finding the right role, that isn’t the end of it for us, as mutually rewarding as those outcomes might be. It’s just the first step on the path to long-lasting client and candidate satisfaction and continuing engagement. Where, over time, customers and candidates alike come back to us again, and again, and again.

Expertise born out of experience.

Everyone lays claim to being specialists, don’t they? But, with Mackenzie Jones, it’s the truth. We know our sectors inside out. We pride ourselves on being industry experts, on being better informed about the markets in which we operate: Consumer, Retail, IT and Engineering. It’s this genuine in-depth understanding, this total immersion in our specialisms, that is the very foundation of our success.  

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